FMG Creating Great Workspaces

Toni Williams
7 months agoMay 9, 2017
Great video.
Jes Torben
7 months agoMay 9, 2017
Makes me proud of where I work!!! Job well done!
7 months agoMay 9, 2017
Very well done. We all should be proud of FMG.
Suzanne Teal
6 months agoMay 11, 2017
Wonderful to see so many familiar faces. I'm very proud to have worked at and later been a customer of such a wonderful company! This really conveys the passion for detail and excellent customer service that FMG stands for.
Paul Scully
6 months agoMay 11, 2017
As previously stated, I'm so thankful to be a member of our fine organization!
Valerie Patterson
6 months agoMay 11, 2017
Great presentation video!
Paul Chappell
6 months agoMay 12, 2017
Great job ya all...
Andy Yaeger
6 months agoMay 15, 2017
the video is well-done and ACCURATE.  Everyone I have interacted with at FMG is top notch.
Monte Grissom
6 months agoMay 17, 2017
Great video!
6 months agoMay 19, 2017
Congratulations! This is wonderful.  I wish I had had the opportunity to stay! To this day I talk about how much i loved my job there!
Roger Christianson
6 months agoMay 20, 2017
Wow Bob! Very well done. There are so many truths in that message for every Haworth dealer to embrace. I'm proud to be a fellow Haworth dealer.
Scott Matthews
6 months agoMay 25, 2017
Outstanding example of a quality organization focused on delivering value to its clients. Great leadership with a passion for service and the dedication to working hard to achieve success. Cleon put the ball in play and now Greg is continuing to lead the offense support by a strong team of professions team mates. Proud to be a friend of customer of the FMG family.
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